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- Albert Einstein

Seismic Data Security Policy

Amulet Exploration protects client property and confidentiality throughout the lifecycle of the project.

Protection of data: Measures are in place to ensure network and data security
  • Secure third-party site: Amulet’s systems are protected from unauthorized access.
  • Programs such as anti-spyware and anti-virus are implemented to protect against inbound threats and attacks
  • Project work and data are protected with regular backups.
Use Of Data: Use of client data is strictly for the purpose of serving client objectives.
  • The client can be assured that, at no time will there be unauthorized use or copying of the client data.
  • Your entire client project is uploaded to secure FTP site (provided at no additional cost to client) for convenient access to project data and to allow for reviews of work performed.
  • A client Consulting and Confidentiality Agreement can be provided.
Return of data: The client controls their data and has the right to request its return at any time.
  • Return of data procedures ensure that all copies of confidential data have been returned to the client and that all consultant copies have been destroyed.
  • Upon the receipt of a data return request, the data and a data destruction confirmation form will be delivered to the client, thus certifying that client-licensed data has been returned to client offices and removed from the Amulet systems.

Data Return Request Form (PDF)
Data Return and Removal Confirmation (PDF)

Purchase of data:

  • For trade data viewing and purchases on behalf of clients, Amulet follows the Practice Standard for Use of Geophysical Data as defined by the Canadian Society of Exploration Geophysicists.
  • Click here to read the CSEG Practice Standard (PDF).