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'Three Rules of Work: Out of clutter find simplicity; from discord find harmony; in the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.'
- Albert Einstein


Amulet Exploration has been serving Calgary’s oil and gas industry since 2005, providing outstanding client service and technical excellence in seismic interpretation, all at a secure third party site.

Geosciences collaboration is key to producing accurate maps. Amulet geophysicists visit client sites as required for project meetings, informal interaction, and geosciences team work. We make ourselves available for this as we believe it is necessary for creating geologically grounded interpretations and trustworthy maps.

Client-tailored quality
We provide outstanding client service and technically excellent interpretations. You will be provided with maps that you can trust. We will review your well-database and weed out errors, do as many iterations of your depth conversion as it takes to manage the risks, and build a competent well prognosis for drilling. You will receive seismic models that are technically grounded in geologic fact and ensure a reliable seismic character interpretation. You will get results.

Use of confidential client data
We protect client property and confidentiality. Your seismic and well data are always secure with
Amulet’s consultants. Amulet has built a unique Seismic Data Security Policy outlined here.

And we will upload your entire project to a secure FTP site so you can conveniently review your project and our work.

An unfortunate result of corporate downsizing is that many young geophysicists have not been receiving the training they require.
Amulet provides both group training and customized one-on-one training, in person or through a remote web-server.

We also offer a new lunch and learn program:
Seismic 101 for Executives and Non-Geophysicists. This presentation has been well received in Calgary and helps our clients better understand the seismic industry. This program takes up to 1 1/2 hours and can be tailored to suit your group.

Project management & investor presentations
We provide a variety of project-management services, including laying out a seismic program and determining costs for your budget and AFEs, compiling your prospect portfolio into a manageable work sheet for prioritization, and assisting you with your investor presentations.

Competitive rates
Our hourly rates are competitive and are based on the APEGGA survey on wages for geophysicists, the costs of providing geophysical services, competing consultant services, and the value of the services Amulet provides. You can find more background