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Seismic 101 For Executives and Non-Geophysicists

To many in our industry, seismic interpretation is a mystery. Want a better understanding of geophysics? What to know what a geophysicist really does? What do those geophysical buzz-words mean? In one hour, ‘Seismic 101’, will take some of the mystery out of geophysics. Come learn about seismic lingo, the stages of seismic from field acquisition through to its delivery to the geophysicist’s desk, seismic interpretation, and the life cycle of a geophysically supported project.

You will see examples of how sound is propagated into the earth, review basic seismic theory, and ultimately understand how seismic interpretations and reservoir maps are delivered. This presentation covers the basics in seismic acquisition and interpretation, from field to desk, and broadens your knowledge of this ‘mystery’ science.

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Amulet Exploration Ltd.
Calgary, Alberta, Canada