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'Three Rules of Work: Out of clutter find simplicity; from discord find harmony; in the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.'
- Albert Einstein

Geophysical Consulting and Exploration Services

Led by Karen Brawley, President, Amulet clients receive outstanding service, technical excellence, attention to detail, and a strong geologic foundation in seismic interpretations. Our services include: geophysical consulting, seismic interpretation, depth conversions, AVO methods, exploration management, and client data security and backups, all at a secure third party site.

Geophysical Consulting Services
• Geologic characterization and forward modelling
• Detailed seismic interpretation using SeisWare
• Seismic data acquisition planning
• Seismic processing quality control
• Wavelet extraction, phase correction
• Amplitude analysis
• Phi-h to amplitude cross-plots, where applicable
• Spectral decomposition, where applicable
• Depth conversion, where required
• Use of AVO Methods, where applicable
• Training and mentoring

Exploration Management Services
• Project planning and management
• Budget preparation
• Client-site visits, team interaction
• Prospect generation
• Exploration portfolio evaluation and recommendations
• Farm-in/farm-out initiation and negotiations
• Staff leadership and consultant supervision
• First Nations Consultation
• Investor presentations

Data Security
Amulet provides a secure third-party site for all project work
Data security and confidentiality maintained at all times
• Project work and data are protected with regular backups at a secure site
• A client agreement can be provided
• As a trustworthy third-party work-site, post-project data removal procedures are provided

Project Tracking
• Projects are done as quickly and efficiently as possible
• Hours and work performed are tracked, reported and summarized on all invoices
• Weekly updates can be provided if required
Rates are competitive
• Invoices submitted monthly and include a summary of work accomplished